I was raised in Columbus, Ohio in the fifties, which is very defining all by itself. Mark Twain
said of Cincinatti,      "When the end of the world comes I want to be in Cincinatti...  because
everything happens there ten years later" We in Columbus always looked upon Cincinatti as
more cosmopolitan. Which should tell you something.  I remember a distinct moment around
age  nine,  sitting on my  bicycle  near my  home in  Columbus and  looking  up and down the
streets around me and  saying  to myself,  "Not Here!!" As soon as I could,  I moved to a big
cosmopolitan city: Pittsburgh.  Ok, laugh all you want  but when you are from Columbus most
anything will do. And believe it or not, Pittsburgh's cultural resources would surprise you. Not
to mention a dinosaur collection that is the envy of the world 30 years before "Jurassic Park".
It certainly was one of the most artistically creative periods in my life. I became involved with
local theater where I became friends with  Tom Savini of Horror Movie fame. A relationship I
have  been happy to  renew in email.   He was already a make-up genius back then and...well,
this is going to get way too long if I start telling stories like that. While in Pittsburgh I became
involved with the Viet Nam anti-war movement. An involvement which caused me to suddenly
move to  NYC  where I lived for politics and the movement. Eventually I opted for having a life
outside of politics and moved to Boston.  Ah, Boston!  I spent my late teens and all my twenties
in Boston in the late Sixties and Seventies. I found it to be one of the very best places on earth
to be then.  Though my wife speaks very highly of San Francisco at that time and she probably
has a point. My life  there ranged from student to cab driver and from real estate management
to auto mechanics. But by 1980 the economy in New England was as bad as it could be and my
Sister's constant invitations to join her in San Francisco started making more sense. I moved to
 Marin County and never looked back.   I started my own auto shop and continued until turning
wrenches just got to be too much and I turned a hobby (computers) into a career.......               
which brings us here.

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