Who is this man?
Why does he have his picture on the Internet?


Well, after letting this page just lay idle (no relation to Eric) for the last
couple of years I realized I was not taking advantage of my space here.
And that it was time that I put to use David's first internet axiom:

The  best  thing  about  the  Web  is  that  everyone  is a  publisher!

And the worst thing about the Web is that everyone is a publisher!


First however, Let me tell you more about me than you ever wanted to know.
(press  here to know  more about me than  you ever  wanted  or  expected  to)


Please send any comments to David M. Cohen Author is a member of


"He stole from me, but I steal from everybody"
                                 -Woody Gutherie as quoted by Pete Seeger-
I have been a little fast and loose with graphics and music on this site. 
Most of it I assume to be public domain, but for the rest, please know
that the moment I start trying to make money here, I'll offer you your cut.
In the meantime, consider it free publicity. If this is a problem, write me
at the above address and I will respect all copyright holder requests.

Do I find all this internet hoopla to be very funny?

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What do you think?