I guess that as long as I am directing you to stupid web sites,
I can include some stupid gifs I picked up along the way:

Well, that's more than enough of that!


Did your boss/significant other send you some pompous, self-important letter?
Would you like to see how Elmer Fudd would have written the same letter?
or how about a redneck or a moron (no, a different moron)
Further, how would you like to do the same thing to some overly wordy website
like for instance, this one? Well it is all in your power at The Dialectizer.

Humor aside for a moment, If you thought that social activism died with the sixties,
THINK AGAIN!! If you want to know what you can do to make the world a better place
Or if you just want to see what other people are doing to insure your children's rights
in this corporate driven world, check ou
t the folks at Znet, you'll be glad you did.

Your fellow humans are contributing to the
The Disinformation Page
go check it out for confirmation that it is as bad as you thought it was.

Hey! Want to see galaxies up close? The HST deep space image site is right up your alley

And then, closer to home,
you can keep track of all those pesky storms on the
Tropical Storms Worldwide Page

If you want to climb inside your head, try it at

Speaking of Sci Fi, even if we weren't college friends, I would still be a fan of Tom Savini
Tom is a genius at make up and horror special effects. With work like Creepshow and Dawn of the Dead
under his belt, I wonder why he isn't more famous than he is. Check out his photo album or even chat.

I don't rightly remember how I found these people, and it is probably just as well.
The cult of the Dead Cow are some very strange people...

The History channel runs a site that lists This Day In History
with birthdays and events. And yes there is a device so you can tune straight to your own birthday!

Stay tuned, I'm bound to be in here all the time messing with stuff....that's the way I am !

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